QB96 Elite V2 Engine

High Power LED Board

QB96 Elite V2 Quantum Board Engine

QB96 Elite V2 is a white LED Board with boosted red spectrum. Each Board is powered by 64 high power white LED, 16 630nm Red LED and 16 660nm Deep Red LED. QB96 Elite V2 offers a wider spectrum than standard 70 CRI, 80 CRI and 90 CRI LED.


  • QB 96 Elite Quantum Board
  • Thermal Pad, Tacky Adhesive - Both Sides  
  • SSTX Heatsink
  • M3 Screws for Board



  • Board Size 95.25mm X 70.36mm , 3.75 inches  X 2.77 inches
  • max 4200mA with SSTX Heatsink and Thermal Pad
  • Absolute max 6000mA
  • Heatsink 125mm x 125mm base, 170mm x 170mm Flared side
  • M3 screw holes for board, M4 for mounting engine.


Flux Characteristics at 55C

 VDC Current (mA) Watts at Board μmoles/joule at Board (55C)
54.XX 170W 2.35
54+ 200W 2.30
  • Allow tolerance of an additional 1V while matching constant current drivers.
  • +/- 5% Flux tolerance.
  • Please use this as a reference only.


Driver Recommendations

Single QB 96 Elite V2

  • HLG-80H-54
  • HLG-100H-54
  • HLG-120H-54
  • HLG-150H-54
  • HLG-185H-54
  • HBG-160-60
  • HBG-200-60
  • LPC-100-1750
  • LPF-90-54 , LPF-90D-54
  • ELG-150-54, ELG-200-54 recommended for 200+VAC only


Two QB 96 Elite V2 in series

  • HLG-320H-C2800
  • HLG-240H-C2100
  • HLG-185H-C1400
  • HLG-120H-C1050
  • ELG-240-C2100, ELG-200-C1750, ELG-300-M   for 200+ VAC only


Four QB 96 Elite V2 in series

  • HLG-480H-C2100
  • HLG-320H-C1400


Multiple QB 96 Elite V2 in parallel

  • HLG-240H-54 with 2 or more boards in parallel
  • HLG-320H-54 with 2 or more boards in parallel
  • HLG-480H-54 with 3 or more boards in parallel
  • HLG-600H-54 with 3 or more boards in parallel
  • ELG-240-54 recommended for 200+VAC only


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