QB288 Board Guide

Designed by Horticulture Lighting Group

Amzon Prime Qb288 Link

High efficiency boards designed for Horticulture Lighting projects. Boards can be powered from 10 to 150 watts. Ideal for use in grow tents or grow area with reflective walls and grow spaces with limited height. No Thermal Interface Material is required between the QB board and flat metal heatsink.


  • 288pcs Samsung 561C top bin Diodes
  • Connectors rated 300V 9A
  • Estimated LER 321.60 lm/W
  • Estimated QER 4.86 µmol/J
  • Dimensions 6.833" x 11.25
  • Max current per board 3000mA

Flux Characteristics with S6 Bin

Voltage (Min Vf dc) Voltage (Max Vf dc) Current (mA) Watts at Board (Min Watts) Watts at Board (Max Watts) Max Lm/W at Board (40C) Min Lm/W at Board (40C) Min μmoles/joule at Board(40C)
47.7 49.5 500 23.7 24.5 207.4 200.1 3.02
49.14 50.94 1050 51.9 53.8 194.6 187.7 2.84
49.86 51.84 1400 69.5 72.1 188.4 181.8 2.75
51.3 53.28 2100 107.6 111.6 177.5 171.2 2.59
51.84 53.82 2400 124.6 129.1 173.4 167.2 2.53
52.56 54.54 2800 147.2 152.6 168.3 162.3 2.45


* Min values calculated using AZ Voltage Bin, Max values calculated using A1 Voltage Bin

** For more details refer to Calculator here. Use values LM561C, 3000K, 80 CRI, AZ or A1 Voltage Bin, S6 Flux bin. # of LED as 288x (number of boards). Change IF_Drive mA to see lm/W and flux for different power.

May require an Aluminum plate or heatsink if running 50+ watts. Heatsink requirements depends on application and power.

The notes below are provided as a designs ideas and are not instructions to assemble a lamp. Do not touch live boards as they run on high voltage and may have exposed solder contacts that can cause serious shock. This is not a safety guide.


While using multiple boards, series wiring is preferable to avoid thermal runaway if a board gets disconnected.


Popular Driver


Driver Notes (Single and Multiple Parallel Boards)

Non Dimmable

Dimmable (Plastic Case)

Dimmable (MetalCase)

Parallel Wiring

Multiple Boards can be wired in parallel. Different batches of boards may have slightly different voltages. Use only boards from same batch for parallel connection. Do not use different spectrum boards in parallel as they may have slightly different voltages

Tip: Avoid daisy chaining multiple boards as shown in the 2nd image below. This causes first board to handle a large current and can reduce life of board's electrical trace. Wiring as shown in 1st image is preferable.

Parallel wire QB

Series Driver Notes

Non Dimmable


Series Wiring

Maximum 5 Boards can be wired in series. More than 5 boards in series will exceed the recommended maximum voltage of the board connectors and is not recommended.

Series Boards

NOTE: Boards purchased in multiple orders may be from different batches may have different voltages and may not work share equal current if connected in parallel. Use them in series to avoid some boards pulling more current than others.

Parallel-Series Wiring (Advanced)

It is possible to have partial benefits of parallel and series together using some driver configurations. For example HLG-320H-C2800 with 2 parallel string of 2 boards in series.

Series Parallel